"Empowering, Counseling and Educating the Underserved Communities Worldwide."


Born in a remote area of Africa, I lost my father when I was a teenager. I finished High School and had to move in with an in-law. I had six siblings left under the care of my mom, widowed at a very young age. It was hard for her. And I had to step in to help. I gave up higher education at that moment. To help my family, I worked in a company in the city, as a receptionist/clerk and earned very little money. To augment, on the weekends, I bought and sold articles like women clothes and other accessories.

Couple of years later and six months after I started my craftsmanship in the city, I got married. This new adventure took me to Europe and eventually, to the United States of America.



I came to the US in 1992. It was a different society, with a unique economic structure. I started a housekeeping job in Long Island, New York. I knew I needed a higher education, but this was not going to come cheaply. I trained as a Nurse’s Aide, Home Health Aide, and Personal Care Aide, while braiding hair on weekends to earn a living. After my training, I worked with a Healthcare agency, and it was here I discovered my natural flair in caring and helping people, especially less fortunate people that have no wherewithal to help themselves, at all. I was sound in health and strong and offered myself beyond the normal or official work to help. I acquired a GED, and later received an Associate degree from Queensborough Community College. I found myself advocating for the less privileged or less fortunate ones, wherever I worked. I later secured a job in a non-profit organization, where I finetuned and acquired more experiences in the field. I was introduced to a program at The Lincoln University in Pennsylvania State by a co-worker, who understood that the level of passion I displayed regarding advocacy for consumers or masses could only be realized if I would advance myself academically. I took up this challenge with enthusiasm and registered for a master’s degree at the Lincoln University. I graduated with a Master’s in Human Services. I won The Ronald T. Ramashala Memorial Award for Outstanding Contribution to Community Development and Consumer Advocacy. 2006, I volunteered in UNICEF. I would never forget the mentorship of my professor, academic adviser, and counsellor during my research and thesis in the master’s program. Currently, I am working to bring a change in the world through my charitable services to the under-served communities with education, empowerment, and counseling through our non-profit organization called STOP International, Inc. - based in New York. I hope you will join us as we move the world forward.

Yours truly

Kate Amadi.

STOP International is a tax-exempt, 501(c) (3) organization that is devoted to promoting empowerment of people in underserved communities worldwide through education and increased awareness.

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STOP International is dedicated to improving the lives of individuals and families along with the underserved communities where they live through education, empowerment, and awareness. STOP International envisions working within underserved communities worldwide to combat a variety of issues including medical needs, women's/children's rights, cultural, sexual and social violence and stigmatization, lack of basic education, hunger, sanitation and general quality of life issues.