Board Members.

"Empowering and Educating the Underserved Communities Worldwide."


The organization is committed to guiding women, families and communities towards realization of their social goals and true potential.

While STOP has focused its operations in Nigeria within the African continent to this point, the organization intends on expanding and customizing its selection of projects to include and fit the more specialized needs of other underserved communities across the globe. STOP International intends on developing a series or projects that will directly provide or coordinate the implementation of food and medial supply distribution, free education, community enhancement, individual and family counseling services, and others.




Chief Executive Officer Kate Amadi

Executive Board Members:

1. Mrs. Ogechi Mitchel

2. Dr. Ebenezer Odoom

3. Dr. Kris Nwosu

4. Mr. Charles Ejiogu

Advisory Board Members:

1. Ms. Maureen Facey

2. Mrs. Marian Baone

3. Ms. Lezlee Henry

4. Mrs. Mary Golden

STOP International is a tax-exempt, 501(c) (3) organization that is devoted to promoting empowerment of people in underserved communities worldwide through education and increased awareness.

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STOP International is dedicated to improving the lives of individuals and families along with the underserved communities where they live through education, empowerment, and awareness. STOP International envisions working within underserved communities worldwide to combat a variety of issues including medical needs, women’s/children's rights, cultural, sexual and social violence and stigmatization, lack of basic education, hunger, sanitation and general quality of life issues.